Warsaw Old Town

Warsaw Old Town
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Friday, 3 April 2015

How much does it cost?

Warsaw is definitely the most expensive city in Poland, it still however remains cheaper than most European capitals. Personally, I do always check the price range of most important products before going abroad therefore I expect that also some of you, Warsaw visitors, is interested in the subject. In this post I will try to present prices of some exemplary products that may interest an ordinary tourist. All prices are in Polish local currency (PLN) and are actual as per April 2015.
The average exchange rate of EUR/PLN is 4,2. 

Eating outside:
Big Mac - 9,60 zł
Shish kebab (popular street food) - 13-16 zł
Espresso - 8 zł
Capuccino - 12-15 zł
Water (in a restaurant) - 7 zł
Beer (in a restaurant) - 8-12 zł
Burger - 25-30zł
Main course in an average restaurant - 40-60 zł

Bread - 3 zł
Water (1,5 L) - 2 zł
Orange juice (1 L) - 5 zł
Chicken breast (1 kg) - 15 zł
Cheese (1 kg) - 25 zł
Milk (1 L) -  3 zł

Cinema tickets - 25-30 zł
Taxi (1 km) - 1,80-2,50 zł
Public transportation - please refer to  the post

Supermarkets are generally open until 9 or 10 p.m. including Saturdays, and closing a little earlier on Sundays. Within the city center small groceries dominate the mercantile landscape, there are also liquor stores available - some of them operating 24h/day and offering basic groceries products as well.
Payments by card are widely accepted. In some shops and restaurants it is also possible to pay directly in EUR, albeit I strongly advise checking the exchange rate that is offered as it may be significantly different from actual numbers.
Polish zloty - banknotes

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